AGSC Standards Committee Discusses Urethane, Technology at Meeting

November 5, 2014
The AGSC Standards Committee convened prior to Auto Glass Week to discuss possible changes to the AGRSS Standard.

The AGSC Standards Committee convened prior to Auto Glass Week to discuss possible changes to the AGRSS Standard.

The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) Standards Committee convened as part of the association meetings held at Auto Glass Week™ in Baltimore in October.

One of the first items on the agenda was whether the AGSC wants to define low/non-conductive and high-modulus urethane standards more clearly.

Committee chair Bob Beranek of Automotive Glass Consultants told the committee that he thinks the definitions need to be clear. “Whatever the car manufacturer designs into the vehicle – we have to meet those design specs,” he said.

Some members of the committee suggested that this is unnecessary.

After a round of discussion, the group decided to defer further discussion until the March meeting.

The other major topic of discussion was a proposed change about whether to address emerging safety technology – specifically, roadway safety systems such as automatic driving systems.

The proposal, submitted by Mitch Becker of Abra Auto Body and Glass, reads:

8.9 – Those engaged in automotive glass repair, removal or replacement of tempered glass, windshields/windscreens that are equipped with roadway safety systems such as Lane Lock/Lane Change, City Stop, Night Vision Assist or any other device mounted to or using windshield/windscreen shall reset, initialize and/or confirm these systems to be operational. All vehicle manufacturer required calibrations for proper operation must be completed before returning vehicle to owner. If recalibration cannot be completed, the vehicle owner will be warned verbally and in writing of system non functionality and instructed to contact dealer or trained service company before driving.

Becker stressed his belief that the committee needs to take urgent action. “It’s coming. It will be mandatory in the next few years and we have to deal with it,” he said. The group decided to form a subcommittee with the goal of further research and to bring the topic up at the next Standards Committee meeting to be held in March. Becker will chair the subcommittee.

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