AGSC Registered Member Company Reminders

April 17, 2020

by Kathy Bimber

AGSC Technician Certification Requirement

It is a requirement of membership that all auto glass replacement and repair (AGRR) technicians employed by AGSC Registered Member Companies be AGSC certified technicians.

If you are an AGSC Registered Member Company, this means that ALL of your AGRR technicians have taken and passed the online AGSC technician certification test (or the certification test provided at the end of the AGSC technician training events held throughout the country).

Please be sure to check the certification status for all of your AGRR technicians. This can be done using the following link, , which can be sorted by company or technician name. If any of your AGRR technicians are not AGSC-certified, they need to become certified right away. The only exception is for newly hired technicians who have up to six months from their date of hire to become AGSC certified.

To register your technicians to take the online certification test, visit or contact Vinny LaMarco at or 540-602-3252.

Companies found not to be in compliance with this membership requirement will have their AGSC registrations removed.

ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS Standard Requirements for Staff Training

The ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS Standard states the following:

9.2 Training with respect to the content and requirements of the current version of this standard shall be required for all personnel directly involved in the automotive glass replacement process (examples: scheduling, purchasing, installing, customer service, quality control, management). Records of this training detailing content, date, participants and acknowledgement of the participant’s successful completion of the training and receipt of a printed copy of the current standard shall be maintained.

This requirement went into effect with the ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS 003-2015 Standard.

As an AGSC Registered Member Company, you have declared that your company is compliant with all parts of the AGRSS Standard.

If after review, you have determined that your company is not compliant with this staff training requirement, it is important that this training be provided to your company employees as stated above.

You will be required to submit proof of this training to the auditor at the time of your independent, third-party audit. To assist you with providing this proof of training, AGSC has created a training acknowledgement form.

If you have questions regarding this staff training requirement or would like to receive a copy of the training acknowledgement form, please contact me at the contact information provided below.

As always, if we can be of assistance to you or should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or 540-602-3263; or Vinny Lamarco, AGSC Certification Director, at or 540-602-3252.

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