AGSC Offers New Training Opportunities

July 25, 2014

patch_qual-tech_largeThe Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) has launched a new program by which individuals and companies can request training from AGSC to take place at a mutually agreeable location. Two different types of training programs are available, both company training and regional training. Both types of training include one free AGSC certification test per attendee to be administered at the end of the training.

“We want to make training as readily available as possible to our Registered Member Companies and the industry at large, and think this program is a great way to do so,” says Education Committee chair Jeff Olive. “Additionally, this is a great way to grow the number of certified technicians in the industry, which is a win-win for both technicians and consumers.”

Company training can be commissioned by an individual or company to take place at a location of the company’s choice. Training is available in one-, two- or three-day blocks of any length, up to six hours per day. Company training is only available to AGSC Registered Member companies.

For those who wish to commission training for their company, several requirements must be met:

  • All attendees must be employees and/or subcontractors of the company:
  • All fees must be paid in advance of the training; and
  • The company must provide an adequate training area with good lighting, ventilation and adequate acoustics.

The cost for company-commissioned training is $1,000 for the first day and $750 for each day thereafter for training in the continental U.S. Additional fees may apply for travel by the trainer to very remote areas. The cost includes up to 40 trainees, and additional trainees above 40 are $39 each.

In addition to company-commissioned training, an individual, company, association or other entity can commission regional training from the AGSC. The Council requires that regional training opportunities, once commissioned, must be open to all industry participants who wish to attend.

The regional training lasts for one day (or six hours); the “day” can be split between one evening and the next morning, three hours each.

While the AGSC notes that 40 is an optimal number of attendees for regional training, there is no minimum number of attendees; however, the fee for regional training is dependent on the number of trainees in attendance. For programs in which 41 or more individuals go through the entire training program, there is no fee charged by the AGSC. If 11 to 40 people participate in the training, the sponsor will be assessed a cost of $39 per person for the number under 40 that took the training. For example, if 30 people participated in the training, the sponsor would be charged $390. If ten or less participate, the cost is $1000. Additional fees may apply for travel by trainer to very remote areas.

The regional training sponsor will be required to provide an adequate training area with good lighting, ventilation and adequate acoustics. Likewise, for regional training, the training area needs to be in a “neutral” location, such as a hotel, college or training center not connected with any one auto glass company.

To schedule either type of training, contact Kathy Bimber at the AGSC office at 540/720-7484, ext. 137, or by email at

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