AGSC Honors Allan Skidmore with the Carl F. Tompkins Award for Excellence in Auto Glass Safety

September 30, 2015
Allan Skidmore (left) and Carl Tompkins (right)

Allan Skidmore (left) and Carl Tompkins (right)

Industry veteran and leader Allan Skidmore was honored today with the Carl F. Tompkins Award for Excellence in Auto Glass Safety. Skidmore, the CEO of TCG International (TCGI), was honored for his commitment to safety in the auto glass industry and his support of the work of the AGSC. The award was presented at a ceremony this morning in Reno, Nev., where Auto Glass Week™ ’15 is being held.

The Skidmore Group includes Speedy Glass, Novus Glass and Shat-R-Proof, among others. Skidmore’s Novus franchise organization requires that all its franchises be AGSC Registered Member Companies. Additionally, all of the company’s Speedy Glass stores in the United States are also AGSC Registered Member Companies (registered under Novus).

Skidmore has been in the industry for nearly 50 years and was an early supporter of the AGSC.

Skidmore joined Central Auto & Window Glass, which later became a part of TCGI, in 1967, and has held increasingly senior positions within the company during the last 48 years.

“We appreciate all of Allan’s contributions to the industry over the years, and especially for his support of the AGSC through its inception,” said AGSC president Debra Levy. The award was presented to Skidmore by Tompkins himself.

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