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March 23, 2016

The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) recently received this letter from a consumer who recently had her windshield installed. The name of the company involved and the consumer who wrote the letter have been changed. The company was NOT an AGSC Registered Member, however.

Dear AGSC,

I didn’t even know about you guys, until I had a problem….

My windshield was installed by This Town Glass. The company was recommended by my service station.

The first red flag was that there is now glass everywhere in the vehicle. The guy who came to inspect it, of course, avoided saying “wrongdoing,” which I get. But he went as far as to say, “That happens. I have seen it many times before.”

Then I showed him the nicks. He said they were microscopic. I responded, “Not really since I can see them without a microscope and standing up straight.” Then I pointed out the scraped paint along the frame of the window, almost all the way across the top. He seemed to have an excuse for everything. I have had windshields replaced, but never had any of these issues. Another person in the business pointed out that there is no corrosion control, but this company claimed there is. There are blobs of gunk everywhere; when asked about this, the tech said, “You can’t control it as it runs along the edge and some gushes out.” He claimed he saw no broken glass anywhere (but three people had gotten into the car and asked where the glass came from). So, I had to pick it up (an entire pile collected right in the gear shaft). He mentioned they could “detail” the car. After a bit, he asked what I wanted. I said, “At minimum, I want the car detailed and the paint repaired.” He said that they wouldn’t detail the car but that they would vacuum it out … But he had said the company would detail it. Then the technician just acted like he was going to use any old paint, and I said no and explained that it needed to match. He was so busy making excuses, and the other party was horrified by the job (at no financial benefit to them). I was left very uncomfortable with the entire process. I am waiting to hear what This Town Glass will do.

Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated.


A Concerned Consumer

This letter is just one example of the many communications, including calls, letters and emails, that the AGSC receives from frustrated consumers. If only they had chosen an AGSC Registered Member.

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