AGSC Debuts New Certification Test Provider

January 21, 2015

patch_qual-tech_largeThe Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) has a new certification test provider, The new provider will provide several benefits to certified technicians and those wishing to become certified, according to AGSC certifications director Vinny Lamarco.

Among these are multiple opportunities for a technician to attempt to pass the exam for the same low fee.

“If multiple attempts are needed by technicians to pass the exam, we are pleased to announce that you will now be able to take the test three times for the price of the application fee,” says Lamarco. “The former provider allowed for only one attempt per fee.”

Technicians who need to re-take the test will be required to wait at least one week to do so.

The new system also will decrease the time it will take from when a technician applies to take the exam to the point at which he will be able to do so.

“Because the system profiles and passwords necessary for the technicians to take the exam will now be set up directly in-house by AGSC staff for technicians rather than initiating periodic instructions for the third-party certification provider to do so, this can be done more quickly,” says Lamarco. “While our former timeliness standards were for user IDs and passwords to be issued to technicians within two weeks of the receipt of the application form, this turnaround time may be significantly reduced.”

Finally, with the new provider, AGSC staff will be informed of test results immediately after the technician takes the exam.

“This will allow us to identify successful attempts and get welcome packets to technicians more quickly,” says Lamarco.

The change took effect on January 15. has been providing hosted testing software for 19 years. The software allows organizations to author and administer their own training content, tests and certification programs online.

For more information about the technician certification program or to sign up to become certified, click here.

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