AGSC Cracks Down on Trademark Misuse

April 23, 2015

Only AGSC Registered Member Companies are authorized to use the Registered Member Company logo.

The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) is continuing its vigorous enforcement of its logo and trademark policy. Only AGSC Registered Member Companies are authorized to use its Registered Member Company logo, and the AGSC is in the process of pursuing those who are using it without authorization.

“For the past 15 years, AGSC has developed, published and actively promoted adherence to the nation’s only Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard, ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS 003-2015 (hereafter, the Standard.),” writes Bill Ives, counsel for the AGSC, in a recent letter to a state attorney general regarding a non-member auto glass company in the state that is using the logo without authorization. “Also, for many years, AGSC has conducted a registration program under which it places on a public register, the names of automotive glass replacement companies who, after completing a highly detailed application form, commit in writing to adhere to the Standard. Also, each registrant must submit to an in-house audit at least every four years to assure continued compliance with its commitment to meet the Standard. Registered companies have the right to use AGSC’s trademark (logo) signifying that commitment. Only registered companies are authorized to use that logo. [Redacted] never has been an AGSC Registered Member Company.”

This letter mirrors those going out to other companies who are using the logo without being AGSC Registered Member Companies and therefore without authorization.

In this particular case, the AGSC has contacted the company regarding the misuse of the logo on a number of occasions.

“AGSC’s concern goes well beyond [redacted]’s unauthorized use of its logo,” writes Ives. “This misuse creates a consumer (automobile occupant) safety issue.”

He continues, “Automobile windshields are key elements in the structural integrity of vehicles. An improperly installed windshield compromises (perhaps severely) that structural integrity, thereby considerably increasing the risk of injury to any vehicle occupant in the event of an accident.

“The AGSC logo used by a glass shop sends a message to the consumer that the shop follows the carefully developed and safe windshield replacement practices which are embodied in the Standard. These procedures not only have stood the test of time, but also are continually reviewed and updated as required of an American National Standard. AGSC has no evidence whatsoever that [redacted] follows the Standard or, for that matter, any established safe windshield replacement practices. Its misuse of the AGSC logo not only is highly misleading but also poses a considerable safety risk to those unsuspecting vehicle operators who rely on it when they hire a company to replace defective automobile windshields and other glass.”

Kathy Bimber, director of operations for the AGSC, says cracking down on logo misuse is important for AGSC Registered Member Companies that have earned the right to utilize the logo by showing their commitment to safety through registration.

“It is unfair to our Registered Member Companies to let this misuse of the logo occur,” says Bimber. “We will press on until we are able to stop this, and appreciate members who bring logo misuse in their local areas to our attention.”

She adds, “We also appreciate those who have brought instances of logo misuse to our attention.”

AGSC Registered Member Companies can report misuses of the AGSC Registered Member Company logo to Bimber at

To view the logo usage guidelines or download the appropriate logo for use by your company, visit the “Members-Only” portion of the AGSC website.

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