AGSC Collective Membership

A collective is defined as a company that contractually authorizes independent companies to use a trademark owned by the collective. It does so if and only if these participating companies adhere to certain operational standards and obligations.

A participant is defined as a company with separate ownership from the collective that has the rights and privileges to market auto glass-related goods and/or services under a contractual process and trademarked name. A participant location is defined as all the functioning units under the same ownership.

A collective that meets the following criteria will be deemed an AGSC-Registered Collective:

  • Joins AGSC as a collective member with dues of $5,000 per year for the collective. Each participant in the collective then has a reduced registration fee of $250 per year which includes services and certifications for up to three technicians per year. The annual registration dues for additional technicians are based on a graduated scale (4-49 technicians at $35 each; 50-99 technicians at $30 each and 100+ technicians at $25 each);
  • Requires that all participants meet the criteria for being AGSC-Registered Member companies and requires AGSC Registration of all its participants. The collective must include such a requirement in its legally binding franchise documents;
  • Provides, on a quarterly basis, updated lists of all participants and participant locations, along with key contact information;
  • Requires that all participants be AGSC-validated on a regular basis in accordance with the program executed by Orion Registrar. Currently, it is expected that each participant will be audited once during the first three years of registration and periodically thereafter;
  • Requires AGSC certification of all technicians employed by it or its participants as well;
  • Removes as a participant from the collective any company that, through audit or otherwise, is deemed non-compliant with the ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS Standard and/or any company chosen for audit that does not complete the audit;
  • Permits AGSC the right to audit the franchises records of franchisees; and
  • Agrees to adhere to the logo and other usage policies of AGSC.

To apply for Collective Membership, please contact the AGSC at 540/720-7484 or via email to