AGSC Certified Techs Take Gold in 2017 Auto Glass Replacement Competition

November 22, 2017

Timothy Beane (left) is an AGSC Certified Technician.
Ben Rorick (center) and Kody Allan (right) are both AGSC Certified Master
Auto Glass Technicians.

The winners of the Pilkington Clear Advantage Auto Glass Technician Competition (AGTO) were named earlier this month in West Palm Beach, Fla., where Auto Glass Week™ was held. Leading the circle of winners were two AGSC Master Technicians and an AGSC Certified Technician.

AGSC Certified Auto Glass Technicians must take an online certification exam consisting of 70 multiple choice questions. They must have knowledge in OSHA regulations, all types of auto glass replacement, NAGS and pattern-making for glass fabrication. AGSC Certified Master Auto Glass Technicians must also take an online exam and must have experience and knowledge in all of the above as well as OSHA-required employee safety regulations; conducting installations according to the current AGRSS Standard; intermediate level automotive electrical testing and troubleshooting procedures and equipment; OEM sunroof repair and replacement techniques; advanced wind noise and water leak diagnosis and repair; and current standards and regulations that apply to the auto glass industry. They also must have 3+ years’ experience in the auto glass industry, hold an unexpired General Auto Glass Technician certificate and be an employee of an AGSC Registered Member company.

Master Technician Ben Rorick of TechnaGlass in Orem, Utah, took the gold for the AGTO large-size company division, while fellow Master Technician Kody Allan of OC GlassCraft in Tustin, Calif., took the gold for the AGTO regular-size company division. Each was awarded a prize of $5,000.

The bronze in the AGTO went to Timothy Beane, a Certified Technician with Windshield Centers LLC in Greensboro, N.C.

The AGTO judges also recognized Jason Martin, a Certified Technician with Wisefly Auto Glass in Snellville, Ga., with the Ingenuity Award for his custom adjustable dash cover with steering wheel cover. This was designed to protect the vehicle’s dash and vents from debris and damage.

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