AGSC AGRSS™ Standards Committee Issues Interpretation Related to Non-OE Glass

September 20, 2017

The Auto Glass Safety Council’s (AGSC) AGRSS™ Standards Committee recently issued an interpretation of the Standard as it relates to the use of non-OE glass with lane departure warning systems (LDWS).

The interpretation, available in the AGSC Documents Library on the AGSC website, reads as follows:

“The ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS 003-2015 Standard does not prohibit the installation of non-OE glass on a vehicle with a lane departure warning system (LDWS) if the glass meets ANSI Z26.1 as required by Section 5.2 of the Standard and the owner/operator is advised in writing that recalibration of the LDWS may be required.”

The interpretation came as the result of an inquiry by a Registered Member Company asking if they are in compliance with the Standard if a non-OE windshield instead of an OEM windshield is installed in a vehicle with an LDWS.

“We encourage those with questions about the AGRSS Standard to contact us,” says AGSC AGRSS Standards Committee chair Bob Beranek. “We make every effort to update the Standard as needed so that it stays current, but sometimes specific situations arise that require an interpretation such as this one.”

This is the second interpretation the AGSC’s AGRSS Standards Committee has ever issued. The first was issued more than ten years ago in June 2004 and addressed the use of Used/Recycled Glass.

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