AGSC Adds Items for Registered Member Companies

July 25, 2014

newsMembersOnly20140728The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) has expanded the “Members Only” portion of its website to include several new items to assist Registered Member Companies in marketing to consumers.

Among these, a sample press release is now available for those who become Registered Members to announce their registration to their local communities. Registered Member Companies can download the press release and then simply insert their own information into it before sending off to local press, posting on their own website, etc.

Likewise, a sample press release for Registered Member Companies who pass an audit as compliant also is available.

The AGSC also has created a customer information website for Registered Member Companies to link to or insert into their own websites. The page is designed to provide information to Registered Member Companies’ customers and potential customers about the AGSC.

To download the press releases or get information about how to incorporate the website, representatives of Registered Member Companies should visit and then click “Promote Your Membership” under “Member Resources.”

“We wanted to provide some new ways for our Registered Members to promote their commitment to safety and what that means for their business,” says Debra Levy, president of the AGSC. “These new tools will help them to promote this to customers, potential customers and others in their communities.”

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