Agilis Systems LLC Launches Software for Parents Teaching Teens to Drive

October 30, 2014

Agilis Systems LLC now offers MOTOsafety Teen Driving Coach – a specialty consumer product designed to help parents monitor location and driving behaviors of their teenage drivers.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), inexperience and speeding are top contributors to teen automobile accidents.

“Most of us here at MOTOsafety are parents. I, myself, am the father of four children,” says Agilis Systems’ president and CEO David Barford. “I know the stress and worry you feel as a parent the first time you hand the keys to a new driver. So evolving our technology from business use to helping safeguard and teach our kids … absolutely. It was a must-do.”

Agilis Systems developed MOTOsafety in collaboration with a former police officer and driving school owner and an advisory board of parents. It was first offered to the public with a soft launch in 2011.

Data is collected using a small GPS device that installs directly into the vehicle. Customers may choose between a removable plug-in tracker or a hard-wired option. Both devices are small in size, easy to install, and are not visible in most vehicles.

Parents login to secure web-based software to review daily reports on speed, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, routes traveled, and times and locations of driving activities. The software also allows parents the option to set approved driving hours and designate “Geofences,” customizable, virtual mapped boundaries where their child may or may not travel. Parents may also opt to receive real-time text and/or email alerts if their teen driver violates speed limits or other established rules, or if the MOTOsafety device is removed from the vehicle.

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