ADAS Committee Discusses Creation of Calibration Best Practices

September 30, 2019

Members of the Auto Glass Safety Council’s (AGSC) ADAS Committee met early this month in Indianapolis during Auto Glass Week. One topic of discussion was the possible creation of a program designed to help educate its members on ADAS and calibrations.

The committee also discussed at length a best practices type document that would provide education—guidance regarding calibration that not everyone in the industry may know as many myths abound.

It would then be up to individual companies and technicians to refer to the tool providers for guidance on how to provide a calibration using that specific tool.

“When we put together the AGRSS™ Standard, all the adhesive companies came together. That’s what I am hoping we can do here—get all the tool companies together to come up with some basic guidance on what is true and what is not,” said committee member Bob Beranek.

After a lively discussion where various members provided input, the group voted to coordinate with the AGSC Education Committee to develop a training and certification program for AGSC Registered Member Companies interested in doing their own recalibrations.

The AGSC Board also met, and then members gathered for a reception to network with their peers.

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