ADAS/Calibration Legislation Moves Forward in Arizona House

April 1, 2022

Legislation that requires certain actions to be taken by auto glass services companies in regards to ADAS equipped vehicles that may require calibration, at the risk of a $2,500 fine, is heading toward passage in the Arizona House. The House Transportation Committee recently passed the bill and both House caucuses have approved it. The bill, SB 1410, had previously passed the Arizona Senate after substantial revision of the legislation as it was introduced and originally passed by the Senate Commerce Committee. As amended, the bill requires auto glass repair companies to inform customers about calibration and provide an itemized description of the work to be done. The glass company cannot represent that the cost will be paid entirely by the insurer unless it is fully covered by the customer’s insurance policy. It also requires that the recalibration meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications. The Senate amendments increased the amount of the fine for violations of the bill’s provisions from $500 to $2,500.

The Arizona House prepared a summary of the present law and bill’s provisions which is available HERE.

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